Wasn’t there already an app for that?


I have one big question about the iPhone, and the App Store.

So Apple put a ton of effort into creating a great mobile browser. It renders web pages much like your computer. It supports web standards pretty well.  But the App Store is full of popular apps that reformat web content.

Like Dictionary.com. And Yelp. Facebook.  Yahoo Messenger. The Weather Channel. You Tube. Yahoo. Pandora. Google. Movies. It goes on and on.  And most of these apps are pulling live data from the web, not offline content.

Wasn’t there already an app for that stuff?  Your web browser?

Why aren’t there just iPhone optimized web pages.  That you point Safari to.

If the goal of the iPhone was to put your web browser in your pocket. Why are so many apps trying to take the web out of the browser.  Putting it into the App.

Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to avoid with on-demand, software as a service and the cloud?

I thought the web was the app.


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