Webinars + Social Media = 75% more attendees


I wanted to follow up last week’s post on landing pages, webinars and social media with some final results.  Last week I focused on the improvements in landing page conversion. This time I will focus on actually event attendance and registrations.  The good news is social media leads to more leads.

Part one: overall stats

Here are the stats from last week updated with the final results from the event.  Plus a few bonus stats.

  1. The blog and the email drew equivalent visitors and pre-registerants.
  2. Email receivers > landing page visitors? 3% This seems to stack up in the average for B2B
  3. Conversion rate of blog visitors > landing page visitors?  40% — 13X improvement in response rate
  4. The conversion rate for blog readers > pre-registrations?  26%
  5. The conversion rate for people who didn’t visit the blog, but went to the landing page was 22%
  6. The overall conversion rate for the landing page was 34% (better)
  7. People who clicked on the landing page from the blog registered 67% of the time
  8. 50% of attendees came directly from reading our blog post
  9. # of pre registrations vs. the previous, similar campaign? 75% more
  10. 80% of new suspects were from the blog.  3% from paid search.  3% from Natural search.  The rest from our website.

    Part two: profile of blog readers

    After tallying up the results, here is the pattern from the blog readers.

    1. They were likely to visit the landing page vs. people who received an email for the event.  (Email recipients were opt-ins that requested more info on the topic or to hear about our upcoming events)
    2. It took 18X more impressions (email receivers vs. blog visitors) to get to the same number of pre-registered people
    3. The social media efforts increased the number of pre-registered people by 75% Yes, I mean 75% more people (compared with a similar previous event)
    4. Most of the new “names” came directly from our blog and had no previous interaction with us, or our website.
    5. 50% of these newly acquired suspects attended the event

    What I’d love?  A better way to connect blog traffic sources.  search.  incoming link.  The good news: we are getting much closer to end to end marketing analytics. Online, offline and social media.

    Is it worth an extra 90-120 minutes of prep time to double your webinar attendance, by using social media?

    You betcha.  😉


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