Are you really getting spammed, or is it something else


One of the things I notice about email list management is that people leave mixed messages.  I don’t know if this has happened to you, but you find a few people visit the unsubscribe page, and never complete the action.  Is the page confusing, or did they get sidetracked.  Another common one is to get a heated message from someone looking to unsubscribe.  The problem is when you check the database for the email address there is no such record.  So there is no easy way to remedy the problem.  Typically we try to approach them by asking for old email addresses.  Raise your hand if you have an old address that forwards to your current one?

That usually solved the problem, if they remember, because at some point their domain name or address format changed, and of course the email senders have an old version, and are unable to locate the record with the reply-to address.

So the message here?  Don’t think that the senders of your email newsletter (white paper promotion, etc) are actually trying to continue mailing you when you are no longer interested in the content.  It might be as simple as a period or a hyphen in your email address.

What have you noticed about email subscriber management?  Interested in more on email, check out a few other posts on email communications.

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