Blogging with #palmpre


One of the things I’d like to do with my phone is fire off quick blog posts when I’m out or I have a brainstorm.  The Pre looks like it can help with this.

This wasn’t really possible from my Centro and was way too much work with a virtual ipod touch keyboard.  Ok well maybe it was on the Centro, but I’d didn’t spend much time on apps other than transit schedules, text to twitter, light web browsing and light email.

Anyway I have been using posterous [] a little over the past few months as a psuedo personal blog.  I like the email to post everywhere: twitter, facebook, friendfeed, blog.  Great for pic updates to twitter from basically any phone.

So now I am giving posterous my endorsement for blogging from you Pre.  Your Pre is an email machine.  In fact I just found this. And posterous is the blog for emailers.

So start blogging and post everything everywhere you are online.

If you are looking for me:

P.S second posterous from my Pre, first press from the Pre.

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