#Palmpre: Crackberry for the rest of us?


Raise your hand if you know a blackberry user.  Keep them raised if the use it for personal stuff.  

Keep them raised if the personal > work.

I’m sure if we were in a room of 100 people the number of hands left in the air would be less than 20.

Blackberries are the consumate work phone.  To get your mail your company needs a special server.  Cell phone carriers tack on the $30/month Blackberry surcharge, which frankly, even for the biggest Facebook addicts, isn’t worth it unless someone else foots the bill,

In contrast the iphone is the consumate “play” phone.  Games, music, and movies are a breeze.  Work? Steadily improving.

If you recall, when Palm launched the Centro, it was called the “life” phone for work and home.  But it lacked the work streed cred of the Blackberry and the cool factor of the iphone.  It sold a lot, but didn’t convert many existing smartphone users.

The Pre aims to change this by getting some work friendly features, and some play friendly ones.  Let’s call it the crackberry for people looking for balance.

With that goal, Palm could be on to something.  And the idea behind Synergy and WebOS support this notion.

Here’s to balance for work and play.

(BTW I wrote this on my Pre)

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