Easy ways to make your office more green


Everyone is trying to go green.  Here a few easy ways your business more green.
1.  Minimize the number of individual printers on employees desks.  It is amazing how much less people print when they need to walk further.  😉
2.  Convert to digital paystubs, if you haven’t already.  I imagine many employees review, scan, shred.  This cuts out lots of steps for your employees and you HR team.  And Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF creation tool is cheaper than the time you spend on postage/stuffing envelopes.
3.  Get you employees mugs and water bottles.  You probably have company swag.  And these 2 are popular ones.  Give on to each employee and lead by example: use it for you water cooler, tea and coffee.  Sure you have to wash a few more dishes, but you’ll have less trash.
4.  Ditch the bottled water for a cooler of better yet filtered tap.  Either way you’ll use less plastic and decrease transport costs.

I thinks these are a few easy and low cost ways.  Chime in if you have ideas.

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