4 signs it’s the wrong marketing automation vendor


After exchanging a couple of tweets with @AdamBlitzer related to some of the metrics marketing automation systems track.  It looks like a good segue way into a post on choosing the right platform.

Here are a couple of potential scenarios:

1.  The sales rep asked “how did you find out about us?”  After you clicked on a paid search ad and filled out 4 web forms.  (They should know)

Better:  it looks like you have been researching us for the past few weeks, what are your key requirements for choosing the right platform?

2.  You ask to see your history, on your contact page inside the app to get a sample on what “digital body language” has been captured.  The rep responds, “I do not have access to that information.”

Better:  Here is the notification I received from your last form submission and a screenshot of your info in our app.

3.  The only visitor reports available are the top XXX companies that have visited your site in the past week.  There is not info available on people you already “know” that have been identified and linked in the system.

Better:  Standard website analytics tools can give you data on generic visitors, recognized by the “whois” entry for their  IP address, tools like ours help you tie that visit to an actual person and track their behaviors and responses on an ongoing basis.

4.  When you ask about CRM integration/connection, they respond, “since marketing is a separate department from sales, we see no reason for the systems to connect.  Marketers have limited impact on the sales once it is thrown over the fence.

Better:  Connecting marketing automation and CRM solves a few key challenges: it offers sales the opportunity to see how their leads, prospects and customers are interacting with the company.  This also offers marketing a way to track prospects through the full funnel providing a way to prove marketing leads to revenue.  And that’s the real reason tools like these are critical.

What’s on your list of faux pas?


2 thoughts on “4 signs it’s the wrong marketing automation vendor

  1. I like the list and I would add one more to it and that is when you ask about lead management and the rep responds with “our solution delivers lead management in that it will automate your lead scoring and nurturing programs.”

    The better response would be, “lead management is a business process that our marketing automation solution can help enable. In order to get the most from our solution we encourage you to develop your lead management process then implement the enabling software.”

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