Apple Pie and the Wrath of Writers


Today on Twitter, I posted a Gawker article about Cooks Source. Twitter was abuzz with commentary:

Twitter Coverage of #crookssource

The story is available here in the Washington Post:

A quick summary:

  • Girl writes article and pulishes it on the web in 2005
  • Friend calls Girl and says, saw your article, how did you get it published?
  • Girls says, that was news to me
  • Girl calls publisher asking for an apology
  • Editor freaks out
  • Girl blogs about the incident
  • Social media spreads the post

We are still waiting for the ending in this story, but the commentors are out in full force.  Sharing stories, contacting advertisers and taking over the magazine’s facebook page.  Oh and investigating other copyright infringements.  And, unfortunately for the editor, Judith Griggs, they are looking to tarnish her image as well.  It has been a bad day for Cooks Source.

For business, social media can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  The number one thing is to remember not to go into hiding when something goes wrong.  Ask Hotel 71 Chicago.  They handled a social media incident the right way, as covered in this case study.   Another good idea?  Social Media Training for your employees; social media is key element in your communications strategy.  Today everyone has a voice in building your brand, it’s a good idea to make sure it gets used the right way.

The last tip for today?  Be cautious before getting into a war of words with a writer.  They’ll take to the pen (or keyboard).

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