Who owned it at Dreamforce 2010?


This week has been a blur, after attending the 8th annual Dreamforce.  It was nearly twice as big as last year with 30,000 registrants.  Wow!  I thought I’d recap with the winners and losers for this year’s event.

Let’s start with the losers:

Paper Show Guides
I am sure somewhere, someone had a physical booth map.  And a show guide.  But there definitely weren’t many floating around.  Especially compared with the number of registrants.  From the Dreamforce mobile app, and the full web portal, there was no need for paper.  The final test, the amount of trash floating around Moscone, was pretty minimal.  I only saw business cards and other card sized handouts.

Ineffective Booth Staff
Vendors who did not use every opportunity to maximize booth traffic.  I visited a few booths in hopes for prizes, sag or party invites.  Only about 10% of the time did anyone elevator pitch and scan me.  I found that puzzling, for 2 reasons.  One, no one should get something for nothing.  And two, you never know which contact will help you out in the future.  Too bad for one vendor since I had just finished chatting with someone looking for recommendations in their space.  They could have been on the list, if they bothered to tell me what they did.

Between Marc Benioff’s praise of mobile devices and iPads through out the show and poor wifi performance.  It looks like computers were the losers this time around.  Wifi was sporadic, and all of the attention was on Chatter Mobile.  Oddly, all of my Mac toting colleagues seemed to be able connect to the wifi more reliably than me and the PC toters.  Looks like I might need to add a prepaid 3g or 4g broadband stick to my conference esssentials kit.


Well, of course SFDC should win at its own event.  But considering the huge turnout and the big social medial splash, things are pretty sunny in the cloud.  So sunny, SFDC has upped the levels of sponsorship to include Titanium.  At this rate, 2012 will have a Stratospheric level.

Actors, Performers, and DJs
There were a lot of actors in attendance this year.  Siverpop had an old Hollywood themed party on Monday, with people dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and other screen stars.  The Bill Clinton keynote had a George Bush impersonator.  There was a troupe of cloud contortionists, or something like that.  And as you entered each hall you were greeted with a DJ spinning dance and pop favorites or 70s style dance/funk/jazz.  Fun times for sure.  An unlikely gig, but great for non-card carrying actors.

Apple won big time this year.  With the new iPad apps and Benioff’s ringing endorsement of the product things started off pretty well for Apple.  But As I walked around the event, many people had iPad contests.  Many attendees were toting iPAds to the sessions and navigating SF, iPad in hand.  For some organizations, iPads were portable demo stations and sign up sheets.  It looks like 2011 will be the year of iOS.  Oh, and Benioff plugged iTunes to pick up the theme song of the event.

Dreamforce Attendees and Stevie Wonder
Dreamforce attendees got a double dose of Stevie Wonder at a Saasy concert and during the Day 2 keynote.  After an amazing concert at the Global Gala, the candid Q&A at the Bill Clinton keynote, made attending Dreamforce was a treat.  It was also refreshing to see Benioff’s candid conversation with Stevie, as the event was mostly staged and planned.

The biggest winner at Dreamforce 2010 is ……

Will.i.am and the Black Eyed Peas
BEP was the soundtrack of the show with “Own it” playing a prominent role in the opening keynote and Will.i.am appearances everywhere.  Snippets of “Own it” played no less than 10 times throughout the opening keynote.   Other BEP from the album played between keynote speakers, sessions and more.  Considering the album dropped last week, this was the ultimate promotional appearance.  Although I don’t want to “own it” and I am sure plenty of other people did and they added at least 10000 digital downloads by the show attendees.

Who were your winners and losers?


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