Right message, wrong timing (#emailmarketing)


I got a really good email today.  The subject line made me want to read it.  The content was spot on, and it even offered a solution to one of my challenges (holiday party planning). But unfortunately, it came today, 12/12 aka 12 days before Christmas.


This offer would have likely been way more effective 2-3 weeks ago.  When I was at the beginning stages of prepping for my holiday parties.  That time when I would have felt I was really really behind, and needed to get started on it ASAP.

But today?  I’ve already decided/planned/determined what I will do.  And I don’t really need any help.  I know there are procrastinators out there, but this message would have been better if it planned ahead with a bit more lead time.

The lesson here?  Timing is everything.  If you send your message to your prospect at the wrong point in the buying cycle, they likely won’t respond.  But when you do hit at the right stage/mind frame, you’ll have more success.

As for this message?  I hope they find a lot of procrastinators to respond.  🙂


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