How not to get a job (when persistence is a #fail)

No Job

** I am checking out my archives for gems.  Enjoy the posts.

This is a copy of an email chain from an HR manager.  This candidate has been cyberstalking for months. These are direct quotes from emails, names changed to protect the innocent.

Persistence in the job hunt is good.  Crossing over into obsessive…. not so good.

Day 1

My name is J and just wondering if there is a XXXX job currently open for grab at your company? I work for several companies in the past in a similar role and I would like to send out my resume to the manager for a review.

Kindly respond,
Job Seeker (aka JS)

Day 2

HR: Yes it is still open. You can send your resume to me.

Day 9

JS: Hello, can you let me know if I will get invited to the onsite interview?

Day 10

HR: Please give me until the end of this week. I have forwarded your resume to the hiring manager, but she has not gotten back to me yet. I will follow up with her and let you know.

Day 17

JS: Any update? You promised on Friday last week and so far I’ve heard nothing from you…

HR: I got the response from the hiring manager. You are not a good match for this position at this time, so we do not need you to come in for an in person interview. I wish you luck in your job search.

JS: Alright, its cool to know.

Day 30

JS: This is JS. Has the XXX position still open? I got a friend who used to work for Fortune 500 Co #1 and Fortune 500 Co #2. He’s got over 4 years of being a Test Technician there. He’s currently looking for a job and I would like to help him get in your company. Can you tell me if the position is fill or remain open for grab. Thanks.

HR: We are looking for a XXX, not necessarily someone with skills in related skill.

Day 33

JS: Yes, he works as a related position or some sort of related position with related skill for f500#1 and F500#2 in the past. He knows a lot of stuffs such as skill #1, skill #2, skill #3, skill # 4 & skill #5 for Company A, Company B.

Trust me is a perfect fit. He know application #1 and application #2 so it will come handy for him. Well if the position is still open I will contact him to shoot an email to you.

Day 35

HR: Yes it is still open

Day 40

JS: is it ok if i ask my friend to send u his resume?

There are a few more messages in the chain, but I’ll tell you how the story ended.  JS did not get the job.  Neither did JS’ friend.

There were a couple of problems with this exchange.

  • Good: JS had excellent follow up skills
  • Bad: JS’s tone was far too casual for the occasion
  • Good: JS tried to make the HR persons job easier, by solving the candidate problem.
  • Bad: JS didn’t prove to HR that JS was a trusted source for that type of information.

Have you ever run into a situation like this?

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