The Hayward Loop looks bad for business


Recently I have been driving through downtown Hayward as a shortcut on my way home from work. I hadn’t been to Hayward in recent years, and when I first experienced the “Loop,” I was really puzzled.

Considering all the trends in reinvigorating downtowns, and making them more walkable and people oriented, the conversion to a wide one way street seems to be problematic.  I noticed cars speed thing through.  The crosswalks are very long, and I didn’t see any public space.  Well I probably didn’t see anything since the speed limit is 35, and cars were exceeding that.

And I still haven’t figured out how you even access the businesses downtown, if you want to travel to one of the parallel streets.

I wonder what the economic impact is for the downtown businesses.  It seems to me like instead of revitalizing it, it is encouraging more people to just pass through on the way to the freeway.

This new loop epitomizes designing for cars, and not interactivity for people.  It feels a lot more like a bypass than an active street.

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