Accidental bike rebel


So I am sure you’ve noticed lots of bike and transit stuff lately. Sure enough, when you get a bike you somehow are way more concerned about bike infrastructure. This just tacked on to my burgeoning interest in transit and equity.

What I didn’t realize, is that I would be a rebel on my bike. So one thing I was 100% sure about is that I wasn’t going to turn into a Lance Armstrong clone. And since I wasn’t planning to use my bike for “exercise” I wasn’t really going to be wearing workout clothing that often on my bike. So that left me with my normal outfits. And I wear a lot of dresses and skirts. So that means, I’ll probably be wearing those on my bike too.

So on Tuesday I had jury duty, and I had a meeting in the evening, so I needed to look more professional. And as it so happens, I don’t really happen to have any professional pants. I have some jeans, but no proper dress pants at the moment. (The last few pairs I have purchased spent most of their time languishing in my closet, so I just stopped bothering to replace them.) So I wore a dress and a cardigan (and some tights).

I was surprised, people commented on my dress! Some were surprised “you are wearing that on your bike?” And other people were thinking “high five, she is wearing a dress on a bike!”  So now I will need to pay more attention to see how many women are biking in a dress or a skirt.

But I’ll leave you with some tips and some evidence:

*This is the featured image for this post

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