If your goal as a boss is to be friends with your employees, you are doing it wrong


I was chatting with a friend the other day, who had an interesting discussion with his boss.  His boss was “mad” because they weren’t friends.  And that was impacting his boss’ ability to supervise him.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Well, I tried not to laugh too hard about that. It is completely illogical.

The most important thing about my relationship with a boss is both that we are “friendly” and I feel comfortable talking to my boss and bringing up my concerns.  Next up, I want my boss to advocate for me.

Way down on the priority list is having my boss become my new happy hour buddy.  Which is actually kinda defeats the purpose, since the goal of happy hour is to gripe about work. 😉  Having your boss there would make it pretty awkward.

I know, that as work spills over into your personal life, and work time and personal time segue into a grey land in between, it is tempting to think of work as a place for socialization too.  And it is perfectly reasonable to have fun with your colleagues and spend time after hours.  But the reason you are at work isn’t to make friends. It’s to make your company successful.  And priority one as a manager is to help your employees be more successful so the company is.  Not new friendships.

So if your boss is prioritizing friendship as a condition to boss-ship…it is probably time to get a new boss.


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