Marketing Automation

  • Are you looking for marketing automation software?
  • Solutions for lead nurturing and drip marketing?
  • Did you notice that your CRM was designed for sales interactions, not marketing campaigns?
  • Have you been on a hunt to improve your marketing department’s reporting and metrics on campaigns and programs?
  • Do you need to create a separate database of your early-stage prospects, suspects or leads?
  • Do you want to implement lead scoring?
  • Are looking to track your paid search or google campaigns, build landing pages and manage your email campaigns in one place?

Well that was me a few months ago. And I blogged about it. These posts on marketing automation were so popular, I thought I’d make it much easier for you to find them. Here is the running list on marketing automation solutions with my opinions, my choice and even other vendors. (Because I couldn’t find info when I was shopping for it.)  Contact me or comment if you’d like to be on the list, this page is meant to be a dynamic resource, to make it easier for the other shoppers.

The Posts:

Some opinions from my friends

The Solutions:


7 thoughts on “Marketing Automation

  1. Hey this is a great blog. In my exprience a lot of companies are not able to scale up their marketing efforts as effectively despite using Marketing automation. Sometimes wrong procesess get automated leaving a very low ROI for the corporation. I have had experience in implementing Unica for one of India’s large banks and I feel it is critical to think of ROI before you implement.

    You can check out some of our thoughts at

  2. I work for a small company that is evaluting marketing automation and lead scoring is part of our requirments. Do you have any best practices when evaluating lead scoring? What is the core functionality that should be part of any good lead scoring methodology for a small business?

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